Image of hand holding a miron glass jar of Clara hibiscus and lemongrass focus tea with yerba mate and adaptogens, against a blue backdrop

Our Mission

Clara means clear in Spanish (our Argentine co-founder Sofia’s mother tongue). For us, it evokes a sense of clarity. 

It’s what we’re bringing to you with our range of adaptogen-infused teas.

Because the world is overwhelming and overstimulating. There’s click-bait on every corner, algorithms dictating our lives, and coffee sending us spiralling. We’re bringing you clarity in the chaos – energy minus the jitters. 

Because our mission is to make the world a little easier to navigate – online and offline. And it starts with a clear mind.

Image of glass jar of Clara hibiscus and lemongrass focus tea with yerba mate and adaptogens on a blue backdrop. The lid is off the jar and loose leaf contents are spilling onto the surface revealing the colourful organic ingredients

Our Process

We’re due for a coffee break. (Literally – a break from coffee.)

Coffee has left us jittery and crashing, not refreshed and productive. Each Clara blend is made to bring balance back to your brain. Created from carefully sourcing 100% organic ingredients from traceable locations. 

It starts with yerba mate: South America’s best kept secret. The team at Clara have been drinking it for 30 years. (Yes, we’ve been drinking it since we were 1 year old.)

Next we add adaptogenic herbs: that provide a sustained energy boost while helping your body adapt to stress. Plus, they’re fun to say.

Then we make our drinks taste good with organic plants like lemon balm, mint, hibiscus, lemongrass, linden, and chamomile. So you can hit refresh on your tastebuds.

Finally, we package them in sustainable packaging – recyclable, compostable, made using renewable resources at every stage of production.

Photo of Clara founders Sofia Sierra and Giles Fryer

Our People

Clara is a humble team of two: Giles and Sofia; from Australia and Argentina. We are based in Sydney, Australia. 

Clara came into the picture after a visit to Sofia’s family in Argentina in early 2020. While there, we travelled far up north to Misiones, the little pocket of the world where yerba mate grows - and where Sofia’s family own and tend to a 5th generation yerba mate plantation.

It was here that we realised the way we stay energised isn’t good for us. Coffee was making us crash, but yerba mate gave us smoother energy and focus.

Combining this realisation with our love for the unconventional, we decided to bring an alternative caffeinated beverage to the people. An uplifting tea based on yerba mate and stress-busting adaptogenic herbs with all the benefits of coffee, but none of the side effects ✨

Hand-crafted in Australia 🦘

Functional ingredients that balance the highs and lows of caffeine for a smooth, clear experience.

Ethical and sustainable 🍃

All natural, ethically sourced from local & overseas certified organic growers.

Plastic free shipping 📦

Carbon neutral and plastic free, with 100% recyclable and home compostable packaging.

Giving back 🦋

1% of all sales donated to help fund local environmental projects.

Get in touch here 📮

Keen for a chat? We love hearing from you. For general questions, comments, complaints and compliments, wholesale and partnerships, email us at and we will come right back to you.

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